Seun’s Pavement

And I tried scary… of sorts. check it out:


Ome didn’t know much, but the things he did know, he knew well. Like his ultimate purpose in life, which was to serve God, and his calling to love Seun with all he had; spirit, mind and body—which explained why he was now outside her flat, 11pm on a Tuesday night, waiting.

He had put his all into their thirteen month old relationship with Seun. He didn’t have any reservations when it came to her, his love was long suffering and kind; it did not seek its own. He wasn’t moved when his friends staged an intervention for him about his plunge into the relationship, telling him to slow down a bit… what did they know about love? He wasn’t bothered either when his mother told him he would only marry Seun over her dead body… after all, love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. And he truly loved Seun.

It therefore came as a shock to him when she called him over the phone on Sunday morning, as soon as he got back from church—exactly a month after they had celebrated one year of being together—and ended the relationship. She said they wanted different things from life, from a relationship. She said it was over. What did she mean “different things”? He wanted whatever she wanted. God had planned for them to be together… she was going against God’s plan and he had made up his mind to get her back on track.
Ome sat on the cement pavement in front of her house, waiting for her. She had been avoiding him since she almost broke his heart over the phone. But his heart was not broken, he knew he would make her see reason, he would surely get her back.

Ome checked his watch. It was now 11:08pm and she still hadn’t returned. It was unlike her to be out so late, but he wouldn’t complain. He would be patient. He would wait.
Ome was slowly drifting off to sleep when he heard her footsteps. He sat up immediately and checked his phone. The power outage made the face of his watch difficult to see… 12:13am. The footsteps approached; slow, hesitant. He began to rehearse his speech in his head, he wouldn’t chide her for coming home so late. He would be sweet and thoughtful, remind her of why she fell for him in the first place.

The footsteps stopped right in front of him and he looked up. It was a girl, but she wasn’t Seun. In the darkness of the night, he couldn’t make out much of her but her eyes stood out; like brown pools of chocolate… beautiful. He could drown in those pools and enjoy himself thoroughly—if she would let him. He didn’t know what it was, couldn’t explain how he felt, if it could even be described as a feeling. He just knew he needed something and whatever it was, she had it. He knew it well.

Then she spoke, her lips parting and meeting, forming inaudible words that he didn’t quite hear, didn’t care to hear. When she turned her back, he followed. There was something about her, something magical, pulling him to her… like gravity. Something that demanded to be discovered.

Her steps were no longer slow or hesitant. She walked now with the determination of someone who had somewhere to be and needed to be on time. He followed her fearlessly, blindly, thoughts of Seun not quite forgotten but tucked aside. She seemed to know her way well. Placing his feet wherever she placed hers, Ome followed righteously, his pace matching hers perfectly.

She took a left and he took a left… but then she was not there. He suddenly realised how dark the night was. He reached for his phone but couldn’t find it. He didn’t know what the time was but the night was black, there were no stars in the sky. He hadn’t paid attention to his journey here; he wasn’t even sure what “here” was. The air was damp and the trees were oppressive. He couldn’t go forward, couldn’t go back either. Ome had lost his way.

There was a hiss, then a crippling bright light, then he saw her again, recognised those eyes immediately with relief. She was back! But something about her was different. Ome wasn’t sure what had changed because he couldn’t exactly see her. He felt her, her eyes on him, powerful. Ome felt like he was drowning; his eyes hurting, his ears ringing, his heart tearing into his ribs. He felt the chill in the air at the same time the ground tilted, slowly giving way. But he couldn’t move, he couldn’t do anything but stare wide eyed at her. He was now waist deep underground and his legs felt like ice. Help me! He tried to scream, as the ground under him continued to fall but he had no mouth. He suddenly remembered Seun, he couldn’t leave like this, not without seeing her one last time, he had to survive. He struggled to breathe; somehow, he knew that if he could just take a deep breath, he would be able to move and save himself from her…or whatever it was she had become.

He inhaled deeply, ignoring the pain in his lungs—

Ome woke up gasping for air, sweating despite the cold. His thoughts immediately went to Seun when he heard her footsteps. He sat up immediately and checked his phone, the power outage made the face of his watch difficult to see… 12:13am. The footsteps approached, slow, hesitant…


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