The one who didn’t get away

So, I’ve been challenged to be more daring with my writing and as Barney would say… “Challenge accepted!”

This is my first attempt and I hope I get better as the week progresses. P.S, Boys and Girls has not been posted because my network issues got resolved very recently. I apologize.





You never forgot did you? The things he could do with his hands, the way he made you feel. You couldn’t unlearn the things he taught you, couldn’t hide the parts of you he discovered. You had to admit at some point that he was the best you ever had. Three years and you still woke up at night, wet and sweaty; you still had sex dreams of him.

You were engaged, and had to smile wanly every time he made love to you, making the effort to moan his name passionately through faked orgasms. He was sweet and romantic— cute—but really you wanted wild and raw… you wanted to be fucked.

You knew what you were doing, you didn’t “stumble” on him, you hunted him down. It was a convenient “coincidence” that you suddenly needed to draw up a will at the law firm he happened to be working with.

A few weeks, a few drinks later, you realised that not much had changed; he still liked to take you from behind while you stood in front of the mirror, you still had to dig your nails into his flesh to keep yourself from losing your mind, he still knew your body better than you did.

Your man… he didn’t have a clue; at least he didn’t act like he did. You are his wife now, and he loves you and his twins…at least you hope they’re his.


So… hit or miss with this one?





11 thoughts on “The one who didn’t get away

  1. Ovi says:

    Eleso done spoil finish, has Anderson seen this? But I think it’s a hit… Sex in front of a mirror was a hit, nails against flesh was a hit. But “at least you hope they’re his” was a miss. Infidelity ti take over 😎


  2. Me says:

    Ah! Hit or miss, really? It so hit home. I love that you made this bit enjoyable, despite its length… and while the dynamics involved in a relationship as this one is well too familiar, you made it pleasing to read nonetheless.

    I love your style of writing! I had read your piece on Afreada only minutes ago and thought to burst into your blog. I am having a swell time. Welldone. ♡

    Liked by 1 person

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